Sundog believes that the power of wine is bigger than any bottle. We pride ourselves on not only manufacturing traditional wines but also small batch, handcrafted craft wines and cider. Justina Channell and Nicole Ice had the idea to open a winery in the fall of 2017. To their dismay, the perfect location was not able to be found. Fast forward to spring of 2018, 18 South Main Street in Downtown Columbiana was available. The location was great, as it is directly next door to Birdfish Brewing Company. The two walked through the space and had visions of what they could do. They wanted the space. Only one thing was missing; the most important piece- A WINEMAKER. That's when the pair enlisted Justina's father, John Channell and his wife, Mary Ann, to be a part of the nuts and bolts of the winery. John and Mary Ann had been making wine in their home for almost 15 years. After some convincing, Justina and Nicole were able to get them to sign on and Sundog was born. Sundog Cellars opened on July 7th, 2018 and the city of Columbiana and the residents have been great support.

In July 2019, Sundog expanded to a larger tasting room located at 164 Carriage Drive in the Firestone Farms district. In November 2019, the hard decision to close the Main Street location was made and Sundog is now leasing a small farm in Petersburg, Ohio that has now been renovated into the main production facility. 


We strive to satisfy even the pickiest of patrons and offer flights with four choices so you can enjoy it all. Our craft wines are limited release and we make each one roughly once a year. Sundog also participates in collaborations with other family owned small businesses. 

Sundog is proudly a family friendly establishment. 


A sundog is a phenomenon that is caused by sunlight being refracted through ice crystals. Sometimes it will look like there are two suns on the side of the halo; those are called dogs. Hence, our logo design.

Picture Credit: Tracey Keaggy @tkeaggy


JOHN CHANNELL • Resident winemaker that enjoys having a towel over his shoulder while working. Does all the hard jobs and is always encouraging us. When he has a good idea his face glows. If he is in the tasting rooms while you are there, expect to be treated to a tour and some sampling. 

MARY ANN CHANNELL • Mary Ann is a lover of laughs and keeping all of us Sundoggers organized. Worries about everything so none of us have to. Spends most of the time with sticky hands because she makes our famous fresh Sangria and juices every lemon, lime and orange herself. Generally smells citrusy. Is John's loving wife.

JUSTINA CHANNELL • Justina does all the heavy lifting - literally. Can single handedly deadlift full 6 gallon carboys without struggling along with carrying two full 6 gallon buckets of juice at the same time without breaking a sweat. Keeps Nicole in line. Adores her father, John Channell.

NICOLE ICE • Responsible for marketing and resident graphic designer. Enjoys taste testing all wines and ciders. Plays the music too loud when she is working at Sundog. Wears funny hats. Last name is not Channell.

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